This blog is for software developers and the people who lead them.  In it, I am going to help you advance your career by delivering more value to your organization.

In this blog I will bring together the best ideas in software engineering and help you put them into practice. Practical approaches that I’ve seen executed with great success in multiple contexts and for multiple people.  

I started this blog in 2020 after joining a startup and starting the process of transforming my new team from good to great.  I was thinking “I wish I had the training materials and best practices I wrote at my last company.”  It’s the same feeling I’d had a few years before, the last time I joined on a new team.  I’ve managed several teams, in different contexts, over my career. While each team has been unique, I’ve learned that there are common skills that apply to most software development teams but aren’t commonly used.

About the Author

Daniel Urquhart graduated from Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2006.  He was the first full-time developer hired by the founders of Arius Software (now part of Doxim), and has since joined existing teams in larger organizations and startups.  He has worked on industrial, financial, medical, video, and machine vision software; in languages from C++ to JavaScript; and co-invented a few patents.