Keys to Iterative Software Development

Nearly all Agile methodologies rely on iterative development. It would be difficult to do otherwise while valuing “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. However, iterative development can quickly devolve into cowboy coding or “waterfall in disguise”. Do you suspect your team might be guilty of this at times? Let’s discuss how to get the most out of iterative development.

Retrospectives for Success

Speedboat making a tight circle in blue water

Retrospectives are the single most powerful practice for continuous team improvement. However, many teams fail to establish retrospectives as a practice. Learn the key elements of a retrospective, success factors, and pitfalls.

Continuous Improvement for Real Teams

Almost everyone agrees that continuous improvement is a great idea, yet many teams have trouble putting this idea into practice. This article will discuss the motivation, method, and momentum of continuous improvement….Constantly seek small improvements and try them out; apply just enough rigour to be sure they really were improvements.